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30. Januar 2014 4 30 /01 /Januar /2014 00:17

The violence against garment workers in Cambodia has met with outrage all over the world. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has requested an investigation into the events, and that the perpetrators be held accountable. Unions in Thailand and Korea have showed solidarity and staged demonstrations outside the Cambodian embassies.

The violent end to the demonstrations in Cambodia in January this year resulted in four deaths, three missing people, 23 jailed and hundreds of dismissed workers. Trade union leaders have been warned that if they go on strike, their union registration will be suspended or cancelled. More than 100 court cases have been filed by employers against union leaders for inciting violence and damage of property, and six trade union leaders have pending arrest warrants.  
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Glencore Xstrata urged to halt anti-union practices in Peru
Mining giant Glencore Xstrata has been asked to intervene ensure the reinstatement of workers fired for forming at union at its subsidiary in Peru as well as to take steps to mitigate the chilling effect caused by the dismissals.
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Thai and Indonesian unions foster solidarity
The national campaigns against precarious work in Indonesia in 2012 and 2013 mobilized millions of workers and showed true trade union power. It inspired many unions around the world, including Thai unions participating at national workshops on precarious work, organizing and campaigning held in Bangkok, in September last year. The result was a study visit to Indonesia.
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Global Labour University announces new Master programs
Global Labour University (GLU) network invites applicants with experience in labour and social movements to apply to Master programmes on sustainable development, social justice, international labour standards, multinational companies and trade unions, economic policies and global institutions.
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STOP Precarious Work
African unions confront precarious work
Meeting in Togo, affiliates from 13 African countries evaluated their successes and challenges in 2013 and strategized how they will continue to make progress against precarious work in 2014.
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IndustriALL Women
UMT women condemn violence in Morocco
On 18 January 2014 UMT Morocco held a women’s school in Casablanca entitled Violence against Women in the Workplace – A serious Violation of Working Women’s Rights. Women from civil society associations also participated in the event to strengthen the links between the union and the Democratic Association of Moroccan Women.
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‘‘The situation in Cambodia is totally unacceptable and makes the country a priority for IndustriALL Global Union.’’
Jyrki Raina, General Secretary
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IndustriALL Rio Tinto Global Network
03 February – Cape Town, South Africa
Workshop on union organizing
11 January – Bakuriani, Georgia
Cement and glass network meeting
21 December – India
IndustriALL Automotive Working Group Meeting
10 December – Tokyo, Japan
Research & Reports
U.S. statistics prove unionized workers get higher wages
According to the recently released report of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2013 unionized workers in U.S. had higher wages than their non-unionized colleagues.
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